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About Us

The Indiana Health Care Foundation (IHCF), a 501 (c) (3) organization, was established in 1997. Their core purpose is to further the knowledge, education, information, and understanding in the areas of health care, wellness, and services to the aged and chronically ill.

IHCF provides financial support to individuals seeking to improve skills in the area of workforce, education, and training.

Policy & Research

IHCF supports original research - by awarding grants to qualified organizations. Grant recipients must conduct approved research – which impacts long term care - in accordance with strict standards of objectivity and agree to share the findings with others in the long term care industry. The spectrum of research ranges from Ph.D. level to industry experts in the field of long term care and healthcare. IHCF makes available the research finding summaries and encourages recommendations for future research projects.


IHCF has a network of community and business partners with a common goal to develop sustainable career pathway models in healthcare. IHCF has a targeted approach of addressing sector specific barriers. IHCF employs shared resources based on empirical research to institute evidence-based learning for the continuous improvement of talent acquisition.


IHCF promotes the instruction and training of individuals for the purpose of improving their skills in the area of long term care which includes clinical care, health facility administration, and related areas. IHCF intern and externships provide immersive learning that bridges theory and application thus improving outcomes in the delivery of health care.


Through IHCF’s philanthropic mission, individuals are awarded education and training scholarships. IHCF awards scholarships for clinical, dietary, and administrative positions in long term care.